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Campi Flegrei Conferenza

Campi Flegrei Conferenza
Saluzzo, Italy

As modern societies we constantly replace natural phenomenas through manmade ones. In the forefront it is especially technologic developments that cause this replacement and lead to substantial changes in society, human perception and our understanding of the environment. Those technologic renovations cause changes that get recognized as revolutionary in a positive way but also re alive our most existential fears.

Our ancestors witnessed the breakout of the Vesuvius in Pompeii, The Kilauea on the Hawaiian islands, Mount Etna in Sicily, the Icelandic volcanoes and recently Taal in the Philippines.
Today the city of Napels, close to the Vesuvius, is faced again with a high risk by being situated on the Campi Flegrei, a volcano of enormous size that shows activity under various parts of the city. Through audio waves scientist try to measure its activity, accompanied by specific early warning systems and regular evacuation tests we can witness the immediate danger of this volcano.
Natural volcanos like the Vesuvius and the Campi Flegrei show how humanity settled out of mythologic and superstitious reasons close to volcanos.
Today we gather here because we arrived with the idea that manmade vulcanos exist, volcanoes in form of nuclear powerplants. Those that process highly radioactive material instead of lava.
Growing populations in need of electricity force the construction of these new volcanic structure into their immediate habitat. In relation to the risk of old and new volcanos we need to consider to shut down the volcanos we can shut down and rethink the structures which process this radioactive lava.
Besides their geographic danger of being built within dense civilization we don’t know how those structures react towards environmental influences. By this we should meet and fear those structures with the same attention than we do and did with tectonic born volcanoes. As we witnessed with the nuclear catastrophe in Chernobyl in 1986 as well as in Fukushima 2011 we see the fragility and the dramatic consequences of those structures. In case of the Fukushima disaster which was caused through an earthquake we can see the immediate connection between nature and manmade. Earthquakes as well as other environmental phenomenas cause volcanoes of every kind to erupt, leading to a destructive river of lava or the creation of another radioactive elephant foot. Since tectonic volcanos are mostly a danger within their geographic space, it is radioactivity that has a detached effect from the immediate zone and time.When In the night of the 26th of April 1986, during a security test two explosions in the Chernobyl Powerplant were caused, a cloud of highly radioactive Dust and Steam would move Northwest, reaching soon various parts of Europe, leaving matter behind that would have a huge impact on the humans physical and mental conditions. Genetic damage and illness on an extreme spectrum as well as mental disorder are linked back to this event.

History has shown us, through the fate of Pompeii, a dimension of volcanic destruction. History has shown us through the fate of Chernobyl, a dimension of a modern volcanic destruction.

It is us the Dilldapp, with all our knowledge and costum, scientific and metaphysic sensitivities, to consult and to accompany humanity in a moment of disorientation.

We were born from Lava, feeding on volcanic stone and plants, resistant to radiation as well as other environmental dirt. We are his invention, traveling time and space, researching the activity of natural and manmade volcanoes.


Campi Flegrei Conferenza