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The Fountain (A Play)

The Fountain
Leonard Beck & Veit Laurent Kurz

A mysterious place on unknown terrain, somewhere between the city, the countryside, and the deep forest. In the middle of this scenery stands a large fountain. It’s architecture is odd, archaic, like from a distant, foreign world.
Three people who know each other well roam through the area. They
are fugitives from their everyday reality, by which they are constrainted, which is torturous, and which has grown to bore them. They are in search of quietude, something new; they need a vision. Suddenly, they find
the fountain, they are overcome, and they are baffled, because it offers
a solution. They interpret the event as a sure sign that the place has something that it wants to tell them, that this might be a decisive step along the way in their search for meaning. They sense a mystical presence, make a promise toward healing, are delighted, want to unburden themselves, and each project their innermost concerns on the fountain; they believe in fate and providence.
Then it is revealed that they were led intentionally to this place. A knowing presence appears, who is playing a wicked game. Our wanderers begin to argue, to distrust one another, to quarrel. Everything they had hoped for
is destroyed; they find themselves back where they started. But questions remain: Did they fall into a trap, and does everything represent a further point of failure and loss in their lives? Was it not a trap after all, and is
it simply a matter of acknowledging that one has to fail in order to go in another direction? What do such paths look like? Do they lead further into the abyss, where madness waits, or do they lead straight forward with newly resolved reason, or even with a visionary spirit? In the end, each of the three has to decide which path holds the most promise, and whether they will walk it alone or together.
“The Fountain” is meant to be performed with a minimum of three itterations in three different places. Each time the plays will be be performed with different actor/actresses and the stage will be adjusted to the given setting, shape and history of those places. Ideal would be to perform the play in three different countries.
The idea would be have only smaller variations of the script in the three performances. Those variations in content will be adjusted in collaboration with the different participants, their experiences and realities as well as in relation to the place it will be performed in.
Each itteration will be documented widely. After all three sequences are performed an independant, main play will be generated out of the individual components.